2017 Engagementspreaching

2016 Engagements

Christmas Eve Concert – December 24th, 7 PM – Northeastern Baptist

Christmas Mini-Concert – December 18th, 6 PM – First Baptist Church, Cedar Springs, MI

“The Mystery of the Gospel Revealed” September 25th, evening Northeastern Baptist

“Brought Near” September 18th, morning Northeastern Baptist

“Passing the Torch” September 4 evening Northeastern Baptist

“The Hope to Which He Has Called You” April 24th, morning Northeastern Baptist

“The Holy Spirit; Guarantee of a Complete Inheritance” April 3rd, Evening Northeastern Baptist, video

“Inside Information” February 14th, evening Northeastern Baptist

“Redeeming Love” February 14th, morning Northeastern Baptist

2015 Engagements

“The Dark City of Ephesus” October 25th, Evening Northeastern Baptist

“In Christ: Chosen, Adopted, Accepted” October 25th, morning Northeastern Baptist

“Waiting for the Lord’s Return” July 26th, evening Northeastern Baptist

“Waiting on God in Prayer” July 16th, morning Northeastern Baptist

“Stories of Faith” June 28th, evening Northeastern Baptist

Praying on God’s Terms Series: “Never Doubting” June 28th, Morning Northeastern Baptist

“Too Hungry to Eat” January 25th, morning Northeastern

January 25th – Music Night; Northeastern 6PM.

2014 Engagements

I thank the Lord for the open doors of ministry in 2014. These were many of the highlights of our year as a family. Only the Lord knows what another year may hold, but sunshine or rain, I trust His hand and look forward to the journey as long as He is with us. ~np

January 25 – Leading the music for WOL Leaders Checkpoint Conference. Lansing, MI.

February 2 – Speaking at Northeastern Baptist Church
Series Title “Praying Ground: Learning How To Pray on God’s Terms”
AM “Praying According to God’s Will”
PM “Praying with a Pure Heart”

The first sermon in this series was preached on January 5th at NBC.
Click to listen to “Praying in Jesus’ Name.”

February 6-8 – Pianist Accompanying Worship at Barakel Camp for Father Daughter Retreat
Link to Barakel Camp

Mom & Dad

February 14-15 – Speaking and music for Couples’ Retreat at The Springs Camp. This is the perfect opportunity for Jennifer to join me with some stories and encouragements for the ladies.
Link to The Springs

May 30 – Bible Baptist Church: Jennifer and I will be speaking and providing music for a Mother/Daughter Event in Williamson, NY. Topic: “Entertaining Angels, Nurturing the Body of Christ through Hospitality.”

Jul 15-21 – Barakel Camp: Speaking to Grades 6-8
Link to Barakel Camp

September 28th – Northeastern Baptist 9:30am/11 am and 6pm services.

October 12th – Northeastern Baptist 9:30 am/11:00 am

November 3rd – Orangeville Baptist Church 7 pm

November 9th – First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, MI 6 pm