Concert Ministry

A few days ago I talk to a pastor in Ohio who remembered our concert ministry from over 10 years ago. Jennifer reminded me of a couple of our favorite memories from that church family. It was such a warm feeling to be reminded of the experience and to realize that we had not been forgotten either.

One of my children’s friends just caught on the other day that I didn’t do concerts in huge concert halls to thousands of screaming fans, but to crowds of 30-300 people in churches throughout the Midwest. I rarely performed for more then 400 people at a time, but we reached nearly 10,000 people a year.

In 1995 we began as humbly as you can. An opportunity to perform a concert in my grandparents church, a humble demo tape, a two-bedroom apartment, a mailing to a handful of churches. One or two funny stories, a couple of my own songs and a collection of my own piano arrangements.

After a mailing generated nothing, we realize that we were better off to call Pastors on the phone and patiently form relationships with these faithful stewards who carefully managed what they asked of their people. Pastors were so gracious. We began to receive invitations and the schedule began to fill. After two years of work we enjoyed a full year of 72 concerts. We had some wonderful experiences and were almost always invited back again. The last year we did the ministry full-time we mostly performed in churches as returning guests. It was nice to know that we already had friends where we were going. It was also nice to know ahead of time the best way to set up my equipment on the platform.

It was a couple years before Elisabeth and Jonathan began singing with me, but now they are a special feature of our concerts.

Before we joined the pastoral staff at Northeastern we produced a couple of recordings. I still come across people who remember some of the lyrics to my songs as well or better then I do. I hope to produce a piano CD and eventually a trio CD with Lissy and John.

Though we are committed on Sundays, we still take every opportunity to minister in other churches for special meetings or concerts. Feel free to contact us if we can share ministry with you, especially if we’ve been to your church before.

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