“God Leads Us Along”

For a long time I’ve dreamed of building a house on some land in the country. A country cottage seems like just the ticket for a songwriter and arranger like myself. I could “get away from things,” I tell myself, “and get the creative juices flowing.” Then I read a hymn story in a book I’ve really come to love.

In his book, Then Sings My Soul, book two, Robert Morgan tells the story of another Midwest songwriter, George Young, who had a dream of building a country cottage. After years of traveling from church to church in revival efforts and pinching pennies they were finally able to build their modest dream house and find a sweet place of rest between revival meetings and travel. One day they returned from a ministry trip to find their home in ashes. Someone had been offended by George’s preaching and decided to seek revenge. Looking over the ruins, a few words of a hymn began to form in George’s mind.

“In shady green pastures, so rich and so sweet, God leads His dear children along;
Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet, God leads His dear children along.
Some thru the waters, some thru the flood, Some thru the fire, but all thru the blood;
Some throu great sorrow, but God gives a song, In the night season, and all the day long.”

Brother Morgan goes on to tell how years later Dr. Lillenas discovered that George’s widow lived in a Country Poor House. Deeply troubled by the news he found her and spoke with her. This is the story Robert Morgan tells of her words to Dr. Lillenas.

“Dr. Lillenas, God led me here! I’m so glad He did, for you know, about every month someone comes into this place to spend the rest of their days, and so many of them don’t know my Jesus. I’m having the time of my life introducing them to Jesus! Isn’t it wonderful how God leads?”

Instead of retiring to a country cottage, Mrs. Young was still joyfully accepting the Lord’s leading wherever He might lead.

Heavenly Father,
Forgive my idolatrous heart for setting any part of it on an earthly cottage. My heart is set on the joy of knowing You and the companionship of the ministry of Your gospel. I will not look to a retirement home unless it is the place You choose to let me burn out for You. Then, in Your grace, when I have served my purpose, let me come swiftly into the presence of Your glory. There I will realize the fulfillment of a longing You have placed within all Your own, the longing to dwell with You in that home with many rooms You have been preparing.

Listen to “God Leads Us Along” — Another arrangement for the collection I call, “Lord’s Day Meditations.”

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