My Mother’s Voice

My mother has given her voice to be used or taken by the Lord. For many years He was pleased to use her voice. What a sweet sound to my ears! In recent years, it has become more difficult for her to sing. It seems it is the Lord’s pleasure to take her voice and let her serve Him in other ways. She recently posted this poem that expresses her determination to keep praising God even when her song is silent.

My Strength is gone
My voice is low
My hands cease their labor
Yet they raise to Him
My heart’s silent song of Praise

He knows my thoughts
With thankful heart
I lift my silent call.
To yield to Him my all.
My heart’s silent song of Praise.

Those gifts He loaned
To use for HIM
That others too could know
Of His great love.
My heart’s silent song of Praise.

By Jane Pierpont (read more on her blog)

After reading mom’s poem today, I sat down to the piano to play some music that seemed to fit her poem. It didn’t take long to realize a melody could fit the words and make it a song. Though it seems it should be heard in a woman’s voice, I decided to record it so that my mom could hear how I had put her words to music.

This is the song. I can’t believe mom and I haven’t collaborated on a song before. Maybe we should do more, and maybe her song is not silent after all. Her song continues in the voices of her children and many grandchildren who share her passion for the Lord’s work.

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