“…that where I am you may be also.”

The Lord gave us a family on the installment plan. We had Lissy and John a couple years apart. 5 years later, He blessed us with Levi. Then, 5 years later He gave us Grace. 4 years later, He gave us Nate. 3 years later, He gave us Hudson. 4 years later, He gave us Audrey. In other words, we have a 22-year spread between Lissy and Audrey. Since our older two children are married, the younger ones have not had the joy of living with their entire family at one time unless we find a way to get together for a few days on vacation. It’s a strange feeling. I never imagined we would be so blessed with children that I can rarely see them all around my table at the same time. When we do, it’s almost heaven. Almost.

Hudson, (#6) was saying the other day that he wanted to own a big hotel someday so that our whole family could live in it together.

So I told him, “That’s how Jesus described heaven. That feeling of wanting to be with your family is how He feels about us.”

Then I came across this in The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent

This is what he writes based on John 14:2-3, 1 Peter 3:18,& John 17:3.

“The essence of eternal life is not found in having my sins forgiven, in possessing mansion in heaven, or in having streets of gold on which to walk forever. Rather, the essence of eternal life is intimately knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. Everything else that God gives to me in the gospel serves merely to bring me to Himself so that this great end might be achieved. Christ died for the forgiveness of my sins so that I might be brought to God. Christ is preparing a place for me in heaven so that He might receive me to Him and have me forever with Him where He is. And, yes, there is a great street of gold in heaven, but is there any doubt where the street leads? Unquestionably, It leads straight to the throne of God Himself, as do all of God’s gifts to me in the gospel.”

John 14:3 ESV

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.”

I’m glad that my children enjoy being together so much as a family, but even those times are not perfect. They are only a shadow of the joy to come, the joy of being perfect in Jesus’ very presence in Heaven. That’s what the Gospel makes possible for all who believe. Because of the Gospel you can know His intimate presence in the Person of the Holy Spirit and look forward to the day Jesus gathers us to Himself to enjoy Him forever.

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